Corporate Social Responsibility


In 2009, Energia Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding with its host community and another with its impacted communities. The MoUs outline mutual expectations of obligations and benefits between the Joint Venture and the six communities within its areas of operations (Emu-Ebendo, Obodougwa-Ogume,
Umusadege, Isumpe, Umusam and Ogbeani).

Some of the Community Projects include:

  1. Construction of 12m x 18km earth road from Obodougwa to Ogume
  2. Construction of a mini housing estate with standard borehole and electricity
  3. Rehabilitation of Obodougwa water borehole system
  4. Routine maintenance of the generator that powers the borehole system
  5. Renovation of the 2 nos dilapidated primary school blocks in Obodugwa
  6. Institution of Elders Welfare Programme
  7. Educational Remedial Programme
  8. Construction and commissioning of an ultra-modern market at Ebendo
  9. Provision of drums of diesel every month for the King of Emu Kingdom
  10. Ebendo master plan town development
  11. Construction of three (3) classroom office building at Umusam Ogbe school
  12. Procurement and installation of 2 (Nos) 500KVA, 11/0.415 Transformer and 50 street lighting systems at Umusam Ogbe
  13. Construction of three (3) apartment building with borehole and light at Ogbeani
  14. Ogbeani skill acquisition & micro credit empowerment for Ogbeani indigenes
  15. Purchase of 16 seater Hiace bus with full option and procurement and installation of 1 nos 500KVA transformer for Umusadege
  16. Purchase and Installation of 2 Nos 500KVA transformer for Umusadege Community
  17. Construction of Isumpe Ogbe community town hall.
  18. Rural electrification at Isumpe

The Company has also partnered with the Host and impacted Communities in the execution of some projects at the site location such as:

  1. Clearing and disposal of grasses and debris at the flow station
  2. Construction of 2 x 50HP export pumps skids and roof
  3. Construction of 10 dog houses for our fire extinquishers
  4. Monthly evacuation of non toxic waste at the flow station
  5. Supply of electrical repair items for construction of pump panel at the flow station
  6. Drilling of water bore hole for the drilling location
  7. Procurement of 2 (Nos) Hilux trucks for transportation purposes
  8. Production tanks interconnection and commissioning
  9. Security caravan upgrade and furnishing
  10. Condensate return line construction and commissioning
  11. Rental of 2 (Nos) Hilux trucks and 1 (No) bus
  12. Internal security administration and management
  13. Portable water borehole at the campsite
  14. Provision of supports for sagging gas lines at the flow station
  15. PD meter installation and commissioning
  16. Flow Station access road rehabilitation
  17. Onsite diesel supply (Running contract)
  18. Supply of various food stuff for the kitchen operations (Running contract)