Gas Production

Gas Plant

NEDO Gas Plant is located adjacent to the Energia Ebendo Flow station. The Modular Plant is Jointly owned by Energia and Xenergi in a 30-70% split in favour of Xenergi with Xenergi as the operator of the plant. The gas plant was constructed in 2011 and has been in operation to utilize associated gas produced with Crude oil by the
Energia/ Oando JV in OML 56. The plant has a nameplate capacity of 25mmscf/day, and produces Natural Gas Liquid (NGL), Propane and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), from the associated Gas.
Current Plan is to upgrade the capacity of the plant, construct pipeline to transport the lean gas to a nearby gas line, construct compressed natural gas (CNG) plant and an Independent Power plant to be trunked into the national grid.