Health Safety & Environment

Safety and operations integrity are the foundations of ENERGIA’s business. Nothing is more important. We hold our commitment to excellence in safety, security, and health in the workplace as a core value—one that shapes decision making at every level. This commitment is documented in our safety, health, and product safety policies and security expectations, which are implemented through our FRAMEWORK. Both contractors and employees are required to follow these expectations as a condition of engagement. In 2011, we deployed enhancements to our policies including expectations related to leadership, process safety, and assessment of our effectiveness.

Our commitment to high ethical standards, legal compliance, and integrity is reflected in our safety and environmental policies and practices worldwide.

We believe that it is possible to obtain the energy the world needs while also protecting people and the environment.

Safety in our Operation
We are committed to managing safety, security, health, environmental and social risks at our facility.

Environmental Performance
The expectations to bring vital energy supplies to market while reducing environmental impacts continues to grow and ENERGIA is committed to operating in a way that protects the environment.

ENERGIA is committed to conducting business in a manner that protects and promotes the safety and health of our employees, those involved with our operations, and the communities where we work.

Managing Climate Change Risks
Our efforts aim not only to reduce emissions from our operations, but also to reduce emissions by end users of energy.

Emergency Preparedness
ENERGIA takes a disciplined approach to business continuity planning and emergency preparedness.